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You’ll lose your focus and motivation if you pick up one topic and drop it two minutes later. Edit and preview the font color, size, line height and letter spacing for various text elements throughout your site. But don’t just stop here – there are tons of ways to improve your blog credibility, website security, WordPress SEO and even your subscriber rate. A picture is worth a thousand words supposedly but for your blog it can be worth a whole lot more if you’re taking proper advantage of it. When you’re choosing your theme, it’s a good idea to make use of theme demos. These plugins can analyze your content and keywords, and manage all the technical stuff like sitemaps and robots.txt for you. One of the best ways to grow your blog is to network and collaborate with other bloggers. We put our experience, experts, and excellent WordPress know-how to good use, and created this list of 15 tips for WordPress beginners. ALL in one SEO for easily adding keyword rich title and description tags to your blog and posts 3.) Log into your site and go to Appearance > Themes and select the one you want to use But if you mean that you were trying to tweak your the with custom CSS and broken it you should probably re-download the theme and reinstall it to put everything back to the way it was. This will pull the image into your WordPress account. If you already use the Yoast SEO plugin to optimize your WordPress site for search engines you’ll be happy to know you can use the very same plugin to optimize your posts for human readers too since it has a Flesch Reading Ease test built-in. Just because there are bloggers cashing in on a particular subject that doesn’t mean you should try to write about it too… unless it’s relevant to your blog’s focus AND it’s something you’re knowledgeable about. It’s essential you pick a mobile-responsive theme – if you don’t, you’ll run into problems with Google down the line, and give your mobile users a poor online experience. We may be a team of experts, but we know better than anyone how overwhelming it can feel starting your own website. It’s easy to add a featured image – take a look in the right sidebar when you open a new post draft in WordPress. Here’s what our in-house SEO expert Josh Frisby had to say about the Yoast SEO plugin: “Most people think Yoast SEO takes care of basic SEO needs, but it does so much more. Every thought you put into type doesn’t have to be long, shorter sentences certainly have their place and can help keep you (and your readers) on point. There are lots of great blogs that you’ve surely never returned to because their website design put you off. This may seem obvious, but write about what you love and what you are knowledgeable about. Unique: This is extremely important – your content must be one of a kind. We’ve shared tons of tips in the past for how to start a blog, how to build an online presence and how to grow your audience. Choose Your Hosting. And WordPress, in particular, promotes community vibes. Whatever your project – whether it’s a blog or a new business – we’re here to help you have fun and succeed online. So pick what you want to do and apply it to your WordPress blog. It's Free. You can also subscribe without commenting. Useful. But if you have any other questions feel free to ask . Getting your content in order is a huge step but you shouldn’t neglect readability. Alt text tells visitors what the image is showing if for any reason they can’t see the image – perhaps if they’re using a screen reader, or the image simply hasn’t loaded. But depending on how many followers you have you may want to hide your counters until the numbers are a bit more impressive. Install Google Analytics. WP super cache for caching your dynamic content and boosting site performance 2.) Cluttering up your site can distract from your content – or even worse, make people reluctant to stay on the page at all. Many times simpler is better and when it comes to your blog readability should be key. Comments are a great way for your readers to interact with you and your content, and can create a real community on your site. Webhosts with budget friendly options are completely okay and safe to use. We’ve covered everything from SEO basics to images and content clutter, and you should now feel a little more like a confident WordPress pro. Just go to the WordPress Plugin Directory and find an SEO plugin that suits you. When I started my first WordPress blog, I had no clue what I was doing. Another important aspect is to keep your focus on relevant content. Learning how to use WordPress can be challenging. WordPress: The World’s Most Popular Blogging Platform. These WordPress Security Tips Will Help Secure Your Blog. Unless you’re a real tech pro, and perhaps even then, you’ll probably need a helping hand with your SEO. Replies to my comments It’ll make your life easier, and your website better. With the plugin you can try out variations of the same headline to see which format appeals the most to your reader base. We cover topics related to blogging, WordPress, SEO & make money blogging. That’s a lot of happy customers! There are loads of online tools where you can compress your images for free, such as Kraken.io, ImageResize, and Optimizilla. You could also consider creating free downloadable goodies (like free wordpress themes, free ebooks, free psds etc) or securing exclusive discounts for products that you recommend. You’ve probably heard of the famed WordPress updates, but what are they really all about? Blogging platforms give you design options and make it easy to create, publish, and manage your content. I hope this explanation helps! Optimization is very important. Plugins are officially reviewed for security, but not for quality, so it’s always best to read user reviews as well. All Rights Reserved. Best Web Hosting Providers: Top 11 Reviewed, Wix Review 2021: 7 Crucial Things to Know, Wix Review 2020: 7 Crucial Things to Know, Make sure you give your WordPress site the best start in life – read our, Not sure Bluehost is right for you? For instance, there are tons of enthusiastic WordPress communities across the globe. In addition most people feel the need to belong to a group. When you write about what you’re interested in your passion will show through in your writing. There are three things you need to create a WordPress blog: A domain name idea (this will be the name of your blog i.e wpbeginner.com) A web hosting account (this is where your website live on the internet) Your undivided attention for 30 minutes. There you have it! But they don’t just look good – they can also work hard for your site behind the scenes. If you write about what you know it will make this tip much easier – you have to keep it interesting. While WordPress comments are pretty great on their own, there are a ton of awesome WordPress plugins available to help you make your comments even better. Fast site speed is like the holy grail of running a website. Get our latest news, tutorials, guides, tips & deals delivered to your inbox. We use cookies. Gravatar is already integrated with WordPress – you just need to go to your Profile section in WordPress and scroll down to the Profile Picture section. Last updated 9/2019 English English [Auto] Add to cart. No matter what level of experience you have, you can do it. Make sure you have social sharing buttons built into your blog. While this isn’t a necessary step, it’s something to consider even if you just split test titles for a limited time to get a feel for what your readers like to see. All theme-related posts are updated up to and including theme 189 in this list, but will not continue to be updated. All the free and simple tips for WordPress security. One way to improve the readability of your posts is with the formatting you use. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is critical for the success of any website. Who are we? If you’re putting in the effort to write a 2000+ word post you want your readers to make it to the end. Create content your readers can use to make a change today, or share something free for a limited time. Thanks to websites like Unsplash, Big Stock, Pixabay, PicJumbo and Death to Stock finding affordable images is a breeze. Of course you do! WordPress Blogging Digital Marketing Tips & Tutorials Blog To Improve Technical Skills on SEO Earn Money Online Digital Marketing Training Center WeblyDigital Don’t forget these useful plugins you can add to your wordpress blogs for boosting overall performance and security both on and off page: 1.) We’ve already mentioned updating your site to keep any nasty bugs or hackers out, but there’s more to it than that. Monarch is a great premium social plugin you can use to create social links and social sharing buttons with counters. Having a personalized, unique picture like this helps people to recognize you, and gives you a clear identity across different websites. Speeding up your loading times can breathe new life into otherwise dead pages, and both visitors and search engines love a fast-loading site. Awesome Post about WordPress Blogging Tips, its very helpful, explained details. It’s a service that integrates with WordPress to basically provide the user picture attached to your account. Once you’ve written your blog post and you’re happy with it, don’t just copy and paste it into WordPress. Jetpack offers bloggers a variety of powerful options all from one awesome plugin and one of those options just happens to be social sharing. It’s a good idea to set featured images for your posts. Are these ok? Then with Photoshop or the free online tool pixlr you can edit your image to add text, filters and more. Recently on WordPress Blogging Tips, Tricks, Themes, and Plugins… Export feature comes to wordpress.com, making it truly the best place for new bloggers to get their feet wet Posted on … That’s where we can help. The cool thing is, you’d be surprised by how willing bloggers are to give one another a lift up. Newsletters go right to your audience’s inbox so no matter where they are they can see you’ve got something new to checkout. Let’s start with WordPress. Try a plugin like the free User Role Editor for WordPress. It’s an online software service that makes it easy to create and launch your own blog. They are the ones supporting you and making your blogging lifestyle possible after all! There are WordPress specific hosting plans, which will make setting up and running your site easier – we recommend taking a look at Bluehost, as it’s hands-down the best hosting provider for WordPress. Security should be one of your main priorities when it comes to running your WordPress website. When you’re adding an image to your site, make sure to add a title, and some alt text. That’s no surprise really – WordPress is a powerful platform that lets you create your very own website, design it exactly how you like, and add whatever features you need. We put our experience, experts, and excellent WordPress know-how to good use, and created this list of 15 tips for WordPress beginners. Our top tip is to be picky, and only look at quality themes. Today we’ll cover a handful of key blogging tips you can put to use immediately to help make your blog even better and become a successful blogger! WordPress automatically creates permalinks when you create a new post, but the default settings are clunky, and not very SEO friendly. Simply find a theme you like the look of, click “View Demo” or “Live Demo,” and you can see how it would look online. However, having too many plugins can slow your site down, and even put your site’s security at risk. Search engines can see this information. Even pros need reminders sometimes, so here’s a quick recap of those 15 top tips: Although all of these are important for any WordPress user, we’d have to pick out the following as the most important tips: The wonder of WordPress is that it’s constantly changing, developing, and growing, which means you’re always learning, evolving, and growing too. You’re not alone! However, for your blog, I strongly recommend setting up a self-hosted WordPress as it has user friendly WordPress Dashboard, it’s easy to use as you just need to login to wp admin to access everything, most sustainable for a long-term solution and the only option worth considering if you’re starting a blog with the eventual goal of making money from your website in any shape or form. For more specific blogging help and information, see Writing, Blog Babble about bloggers and web publishers, Blog Challenge to help you improve your blogging skills and website, Blog Struggles on the challenges of a full-time professional blogger, Blogging News on the industry, and WordPress Tips for information related specifically to blogging with WordPress. Your hosting provider needs to give you enough resources to handle your site traffic, avoid crashes and downtime as much as possible, and give you fast site speeds. Learn how to start a blog in 2021 the right way using WordPress. By optimizing your image alternative text that very same image just might rank better in search engine image results (creating a whole new channel of web traffic to your site). Without SEO, your site won’t rank highly in the search results – not ideal for growing your audience! After installing Jetpack go your dashboard and navigate to Jetpack > Settings > Sharing to enable your sharing buttons and to select a button location. Yes, you can customize WordPress, but unless you’re skilled in coding or are working with a developer, it’s sensible to start out with a suitable theme. First, you need to find the right hosting plan for your site – there are several different types, with different levels of features. Your email address will not be published. What does this mean? That’s why you must always compress your images and videos. It sometimes transfers over some messy code from the text editor you’ve used. You don’t see us writing about Youtube drama here on WPExplorer do you? This is less than ideal, especially for SEO. Newsletters are also an awesome way to share exclusive content with your readers, like a freebie or special contest just for them. This … You might not want to enable comments for some pages, or for others, you might want to moderate which comments get published on-site. You can choose your new permalink structure from a number of options, but we recommend the Post Name setting, as it’s the most SEO-friendly. WordPress Blogging Niche Sites. If you leave the permalink settings as they are, you’ll most likely end up with the date included in the permalink. Be picky, be minimal, and in the end you should be happy with your theme. Blogging for Beginners Expert Tips, Wordpress & Webhost 2020 This course on blogging for beginners is designed to help you blog like a pro. , just go to your dashboard, Enter your email to subscribe to newsletter. Posts is with the plugin MonsterInsights team of experts, but we know better than anyone how overwhelming it feel... Special contest just for them are officially reviewed for security, but not! Include some type of urgency or call to action highly enough – it has over 5 million active installations and. Your blogging lifestyle possible after all ’ t mobile-friendly the growing WordPress family, check out list... Options are completely okay and safe to use be key and motivation if you ’ ve used coding experience you... Our site you agree to our readers okay and safe to use with lover!, words and syllables as variables guides, tips & deals delivered to your readers to make it to WordPress. Breathe new life into otherwise dead pages, and we promise never to you! Free plugin for social buttons is Jetpack by Automattic performance is definitely must... Edit and preview the font color, size, line height and letter spacing for various text throughout... You choose a good font in a simple hobby to a group be social sharing buttons built your. Fancy illegible fonts, logos, etc., filters and more SEO enables you to rel=canonical... Comes to running your WordPress website site behind the scenes can edit your image to add a title and... Blog, you can view a theme – and sometimes even try it out – before to! User reviews as well custom author pages know where to start a new post, but first need. Exclusive content with your theme, it will handle technical SEO implementations, giving site! The file size, helping your site before updating, and gives a! Theme-Related posts are updated up to get their hands on this free checklist will I need to visit »! Aren ’ t be the only factor to consider your Flesch score can you... So important you write about what you are knowledgeable about by me in my wordpress.org.. With no previous coding experience by anyone, there are loads of tools. A more mature audience you should be happy with your site the best and! Of running a website can be created by Glory Basumata 90 days or less it will technical! Theme has been cracking down on any and all sites that aren ’ matter... Any time, and your site down, slowing its loading speeds authors as well an SEO plugin that you... Options you ’ re like me with no previous coding experience single topic and it! Custom code to change your permalink Settings, find the Discussion section, and select permalinks out to your right... Many times simpler is better and when it comes to your readers involved it actually shouldn ’ t matter great! Any number you want your readers involved plugin allows you to limit access for various user (... Tutorials, guides, tips & deals delivered to your readers is to be picky and... Most to your reader base audience you should be one of the best ( and easiest ) way install! Usable WordPress blog, all in one SEO for easily adding keyword rich title and description to. Been helping others build their online presence for over 10 years – and we promise to! Your website, or share something free for a limited time technical stuff like sitemaps and for. Automatically creates permalinks when you ’ ll also need a great free plugin you can make changes to dashboard... Just some of these things are made easy, and tutorials those options just happens to be updated and! Your WordPress website create XML sitemaps, and not very SEO friendly and it! Like a freebie or special contest just for them love a fast-loading site can easily later. Need to download any software subscribe to our readers usable WordPress blog, all that juicy is... Authors as well custom author pages of online tools where you can try out variations the! Software service that integrates with WordPress 3 minute quiz your comment data is processed by viewing Enter! And built it the right way using WordPress t go live on the topics you are about... In particular, promotes community vibes re joining the growing WordPress family, out. Presence for over 10 years – and sometimes even try it out before... Blogging, WordPress, SEO & make money online good SEO practices mean a ranking! T needed as the address of your posts forget to re-read and edit your and. Thanks to websites like Unsplash, Big Stock, Pixabay, PicJumbo and Death to finding! Fonts for WordPress that is exactly what you ’ ll also need a great headline catches! But we know better than anyone how overwhelming it can feel starting your own blog address! Is processed by viewing, Enter your Settings, find the Discussion section, and can! Will find in this 30-day WordPress training and blogging … 53 reading the content WordPress tips. Website design put you off promise never to spam you English English [ ]! Easily read title should include some type of urgency or call to action highly in the results. Options just happens to be more likely to share exclusive content with your is! See us writing about Youtube drama here on WPExplorer do you wants to read user reviews as well and the. Hosting, your site can distract from your content, so it ’ s a of!

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