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West Siberian Laika male an example of a light built type. Vladimir Beregovoy 1507 Mountain Valley Road Buchanan, VA 24066 United States. Coat Those two tribes used the dogs for hunting big animals. Before that hunters only knew of *Health: Aboriginal Laikas of Ural and West Siberia are among healthiest dogs in the world. Browse thru our ID Verified puppy for sale listings to find your perfect puppy in your area. West Siberian Laikas start fighting each other when they are very little puppies playing with each other. The West Siberian Laika generally enjoys excellent health. Many wester… Some dogs enjoy quiet hours just laying nearby and watching the surrounding. Some dogs become protective over the master, his family and their property. To obtain this, they used local breeds - Manskiyski and Hantiyski Laika. In 1992, I imported a female named Shelma and a male named Alex and these dogs produced first litters in the USA. In all Northern countries you can find several regional variances of Spitz-like dogs. However, its extraordinary interest to wildlife demands special attention, because the dog may tree some animals and stay far behind for some time. Hunting Dog Breeds Raised: West Siberian Laika. Dogs with amber yellow and/or blue eyes rarely occur, but hunters believe that dogs with brown and dark brown eyes are better hunting dogs. Besides, some Russian Laika lovers, who did not care about hunting abilities of their dogs, had some success at dog shows. West Siberian Laika male. The West Siberian Laika is an ancient Spitz-type breed that comes from Ural and West Siberia. 7 talking about this. Origin: Russia. He sired many outstanding dogs that were transferred to individual hunters and Government owned kennels. When the West Siberian Laika became established as a purebred, both Mansi Laika and Hanty Laika were used. Russian publications indicate that the term West Siberian Laika loosely applied to hunting dogs originating with the Mansi and Khanty people in Ural and West Siberia, but there were no standards or registrations of WSL as such until 1930. According to standard, aggressiveness to unfamiliar people is not typical. Majority of these dogs belongs to hunters and I hope that the breed will stay in this country because of its outstanding hunting qualities. See dog breeds similar to West Siberian Laika . The East Siberian Laika is thought to have been developed many years ago with influence from Chinese and Japanese dogs that were brought to the area by immigrants. Laika dogs are all Spitz type dogs from Russia that have been traditionally used to hunt. Russian Laikas are multifunctional hunting dogs, used in the expansive Siberian forests by professional hunters, for hunting all different kinds of wild game. 1 West Siberian Laika Breeders . In wintertime, in dogs living in countries with a cold climate, hairs are growing between toes. The West Siberian Laika is a loyal companion who bonds very closely with his family, however he is not a lap dog content on being inactive. DOG BREEDS. Mansi never minds abandon his reindeer for a while, if his Laika finds a valuable game. Dogs with either coat color described above may have white patches in different proportions. Eyes are almond-shaped, medium size, deep set and distinctly slanted. The West Siberian Laika is a poor kennel dog. My own observations on the West Siberian Laika disprove a common view that a hunting dog tends to kill all kinds of animals. The withers are very pronounced and the body has a well-developed chest with short supple loins and a strong straight back. Origin. See more ideas about Siberian, Dog breeds, Dogs. Gray coat can be of various shades from almost white to very dark gray. If a West Siberian Laika is used for hunting, it is a great potential to be happy dog, but its happiness is never complete, if it is not a favorite family dog. The huntingseason hastn’t started yet and it will tak some time before we start tracking, but with the days getting shorter and the nights getting colder, sledtraining is waiting around the corner. However, frequently visited with the master places far away from home may become also protected like his or her own. It has a strong and muscular body covered in a middle-size double coat of white, pepper and salt, or red and gray colors. Vladimir Beregovoy 1507 Mountain Valley Road Buchanan, VA 24066 United States. West Siberian Laikas belonging to Mansi and Hanty often live in a close company of reindeer herds and they do not kill or attack them. The Sverdlovsk group of purebred West Siberian Laikas remained very important before and after World War II. See West Siberian Laika pictures, explore breed traits and characteristics. xplore dogs and outdoor. Shelma Pack Kennel. The first West Siberian Laika to be imported into United States was by Dr. Vladimir Beregovoy, Ph.D. in 1992. West Siberian Laikas are the most prevalent hunting breed in Russia and widely spread in all wooden areas of the country, from Karelia to Kamchatka. This is a Russian dog breed that belongs to the primitive Spitz-type family of dog breeds. When a Laika barks at a bear, their voice sounds as if they were barking at a human--very unlike when they are barking at a squirrel. Rack Focus Slow by CameraCraft4 on VideoHive. Shelma Pack Kennel. In the beginning, two groups of the West Siberian Laika were formed. The gray can be mixed with red producing array of brownish and red shades. Some dogs not trained to stay penned, try to bite the wires and thereby they damage their teeth. Please, change your search criteria and try again. The breed is lighter in build and narrower in head than the East Siberian Laika. Among aboriginal dogs, there are individuals with a sickle-shaped tail, but it is considered faulty by the modern breed standard. The long life expectancy of the Laika is very appreciable. West Siberian Laikas are mainly bred for hunting in their native Russia. See West Siberian Laika listings. Some specimens have the coloration that matches a wolf or coyote almost perfectly, but all WSL have a curled tail carried up over the back, a trait that its wild cousins never have. Too big dogs are often loose the agility necessary to outmaneuver wild animals, such as boar, moose or bear during the hunting. Russian hunting Laika experts preferred bigger dogs, because they intended the breed to be used under harsh conditions and difficult terrain of wild taiga forests. Mansi and Khanty use reindeer and, in some cases, horses as a draft animal, but good hunting dogs are never used to pull sleds. A West Siberian Laika will make a good companion dog for a hiking trip. Other important dogs of West Siberian Laikas of Moscow were males Ulf and Ural, female Damka and some other dogs. No haters please. West Siberian Laikas are mainly bred for hunting in their native Russia. We work to make sure that all breeders listed on our site, raise their puppies with love and take pride in quality over quantity. This is practiced mainly in polar tundra where reindeer has nothing to eat. Generally, dogs belonging to one household and raised together since puppy age live in peace with each other. Pictures. The Breeders work of creating a new breed - the West Siberian Laika, began in late XIX century, but a purposeful selection started in the 20's of XX century. "Hunting Laikas", Lesnaya Promyshlennost, Moscow, 1982. Together with a very thick undercoat they form a ruff framing the dog's face. There are West Siberian Laikas with a narrow elongate head, long muzzle and racy built and there are West Siberian Laikas with a shorter muzzle, broad occipital part of the head and compact and sturdy body. West Siberian Laika is a dog breed originated in West Siberia and relate to Eastern Siberian laika. Filter By Location . Small animals, such as cats, rabbits and poultry are most tempting.

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