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Throughout the film he starts to loosen his way when he develops a friendship with his neighbor. Mira, one of the main characters, has depression, and the book shows her having good days and bad days. And an over whellming urge to touch thinks I don’t want to touch. In “Matchstick Men,” he played con man Roy working with a partner (Sam Rockwell’s Frank) on a variety of long and short cons. The Evil Queen From Snow White – NPD The Evil Queen From Snow White – NPD If you take Scorcese’s word for it, Hughes’ O.C.D. seemed to recede in deference to a real emotional connection with a person. Stonewall Jackson: Confederate general Stonewall Jackson believed that one of his arms was longer than the other one, and is thought to have had Asperger's and/or OCD. From pop stars to the masters, these musicians and artists also had OCD. And it’s always a fun joke to think about the patient driving anal-retentive shrink crazy. Things in my world live in designated places for deliberate reasons, and as such, my home and work spaces reflect a pretty rigid lifestyle that thrives on tidiness and order. 20. Jim Eisenreich: Former baseball star Jim Eisenreich was diagnosed with Tourette's during his professional career. A solid performance with a somewhat balanced portrayal of an often enigmatic and controversial historical figure, it’s hard to rank any person over Hughes, for as it’s often said, truth is almost always stranger than fiction. 9. Keen on pointing out the deficiencies (perceived or otherwise) of every person he encountered, Melvin was cruel in a blissful way that almost suggested the man didn’t have a choice in the matter. and M.A. Cole Porter: Kiss Me, Kate lyricist and composer Cole Porter had OCD. 50. ocd movies, Typically the behavior that people describe when they write characters as above is more in line with Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder, which is a personality type that is defined by a pervasive pattern of concern with order, perfection, and control. John Melendez: Howard Stern's frequent radio guest John Melendez has OCD just like his boss. 24. Raymond Babbitt from “Rain Main” (1988). The madness got to critical levels when Felix caused Oscar to miss an epic triple play at a Mets game, yet didn’t crescendo until a little later on. 42. Det. Whether the characters you relate to fly on broomsticks, survive high school with perfectly-timed sarcastic comments or pack a punch in an action flick, fictional characters can be so relatable because they capture real human emotions. obsessive compulsive disorder, 31. Now you realize that half these people were self-medicating, depressed misogynists with anger management issues. Ludwig van Beethoven: Beethoven overcame deafness and OCD, and is still one of the most important composers and musicians of all time. While you might not think it to be true, like most tragic human conditions, this one has found a comedic reinvention through the cinematic medium. Turner and Hooch i love that movie. I think 1991 “Sleeping With the Enemy” featured a very OCD charachter Martin should have been included…, Previous post: 1 Year, 100 Movies #49 Intolerance (1916), Next post: The Great Songs: Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers – Even the Losers. While not all these characters have been diagnosed with OCD, here are my favorite characters who are a bit on the uptight side. Ahab (played by Gregory Peck in 1956) was so dedicated to Moby Dick’s destruction that he didn’t want to feel anything but hate and frustration until his quest was complete. For his part, Oscar was a recently divorced bachelor living the dream. 6. It was clear early on that Joan had something of an obsession with cleanliness, and that all those interfering with her perfection quest would be consumed alive (that poor, poor maid). 21. There is something about mental disorders that makes a movie all the more enthralling. Here are seven movies with OCD characters Thanks to this article from Scene Stealers for some help on character descriptions As Good as It Gets Jack Nicholson’s Melvin Udall was a neurotic wolverine trapped in a man’s body. Mine is all about numbers and touching things a certain amount of times. On my page on Facebook Obsessive Compulsive Disorder/OCD Awareness we deal with stigma and the fear of the stigma regarding mental illness all of the time. The toothy, grey, carrot-munching rabbit is one of the most popular characters. Throughout his life, it seems as if Howard went out of his way to consistently break new ground in the field of batshit crazy. Paul Gascoigne: Now-retired English soccer star Paul Gascoigne struggled with several mental illnesses and conditions, including obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, bulimia and alcoholism. Kirsten Nicole Kimberly McNabb in him, you know? 35. Dan Aykroyd: Actor and former SNL favorite Dan Aykroyd has Tourettes and may have OCD, too. throughout the years did so with characters suffering through varying degrees of O.C.D. But either way it’s a night mare. Sometimes it’s better I think, just to relax and laugh because something is funny, rather than deem it funny and then laugh at it because it’s simply not conventional or follows an agenda. Among other symptoms, Hughes was supposedly obsessed with the size of peas and separated them before eating them. characters have such a passion for door locks?). 25. He was a gainfully employed sports writer in New York City with a group of poker buddies that included a cop (always nice to have around), and he had a pair of broads living upstairs with proclivities leaning toward slut. Michelangelo: Michelangelo slept in his clothes and supposedly never removed his boots, leading many to believe he suffered from OCD. Gerald Kaufman: British Labour Party MP Gerald Kaufman used his OCD as a defense for using allotted expenses for strange purchases, like Waterford grapefruit bowls. His somewhat quiet, understated portrayal of Raymond in this picture acted as the perfect counterbalance to Tom Cruise’s brother character Charlie, whose vocal performance filled in the gaps purposefully left empty by Hoffman. Masthead No I’m not dangerous. Leonardo DiCaprio: DiCaprio has admitted to struggling with OCD, citing gum stains on the sidewalk and doorways as triggers. Obviously a bit of a shut-in, the crew of the Pequod didn’t even see their captain for a few days into the voyage (the guy was probably organizing his quarters and washing his hands). These business magnates also face or have faced challenges with OCD. disorders. orbit, pretty much never to return. When people think of O.C.D. ocd movie characters, I have a schizoid personality disorder. these days, they often refer to Nicholson in “As Good As It Gets,” a singular achievement for an actor, especially since the condition and its association with a person largely revolved around this next man for decades, something the film that chronicled his life certainly took note of …, 1. Mr Hublot is a withdrawn, idiosyncratic character with OCD, scared of change and the outside world. though, it had to surrender some ground as the film went on, you could tell that Hanks’ character was in for the long haul with the condition. Not a border line personality disorder, not even an obsessive personality disorder. to take command of the situation. Robot Pet's arrival turns his life upside down: he has to share his home with this very invasive companion. I regarded Bob Wiley as a harmless, silly, out-of-control but non-threatening character who endeared himself to the audience as someone who was neurotic but not a psycho. Adrian Monk- There’s no way I could do a list without TV’s favorite OCD detective. He threw away his favorite pipe out of disgust that he should enjoy anything without his enemy’s destruction, and consistently ignored better logic and reason until he had pursued Moby Dick to the point of his and his crew’s doom. It is also so cheaply written – I have received more thoughtful writing via text from my 16 year old niece. 32. When you have as much money as this guy, the world adjusts to your schedule and habits, and O.C.D. 34. If you're a nursing student who's wondering how to treat your patients or if you want to understand a friend's OCD a little better, know that it's actually a pretty common condition that affects people from all backgrounds. Some of the most entertaining moments of this film revolved around Cage scrubbing his carpet or organizing his wardrobe, though his physical tics and habit of shouting “pygmies” every time he got rattled was also ass-spanking funny. 6. Lisa Gordon Indeed, I feel that my mere dedication to cleanliness and organization sets me apart from genuine O.C. Your message. 4. Howard Hughes from “The Aviator” (2004). Probably one of the most infamous scenes in film history involved just such an encounter, when Joan wandered into her daughter’s bathroom and discovered a hint of dust. Things I find disgusting. Throughout the show, his … As the movie progressed, however, and Melvin began to exchange the safety of his routines for the gratification of his heart’s desires, he began making choices that contradicted his disorder’s demands. OCD didn't keep these scientists from exploring and discovering natural mysteries. famous movies with ocd, 13. Samuel Johnson: Poet, critic, essayist and Dictionary of the English Language writer Dr. Samuel Johnson had tics, tilted his head to one side, had TS, and was obsessive-compulsive. Like Cage in the aforementioned film, Nicholson’s Melvin was a neurotic wolverine trapped in a man’s body. characters with ocd, While his antics are funny, he has something disturbing. This is all aside from the fact that Bob also destroyed Leo’s vacation, crashed his birthday party, and ruined a “Good Morning America” television appearance. I feel compelled to comment on this Top 10 OCD list . 41. was a condition developed over the course of a lifetime, only to peak once the man had achieved enough influence and power to surrender his life over to the illness. Though I’m not usually shy about spoiling films more than a year or two old, I’ll hold back on the ending of this one, for the few good films in Nicholas Cage’s recent catalog should be enjoyed while one still can. Here are 33 of the best examples of how mental disorders have been featured in films. Melville wrote a sizeable love letter to a fictional character that obsessed over the minutia at the roots of the world’s most boring job. Dustin Hoffman is one of the greatest living actors still working in films in this author’s humble opinion, and unfortunately, the roles the man has been getting recently haven’t tapped into the rich vein of talent that lies just under Hoffman’s surface. On top of that, the dog, Hooch, had been living in a junkyard for his entire life and thought that his new home deserved similar treatment. You might think it’s a stretch to call Ahab O.C.D., but look at the evidence, even if just viewing the film adaptations. Welcome to, and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 OCD Characters in Movies and TV. 19. Cameron Diaz: Actress Cameron Diaz has OCD when it comes to doorknobs, and obsessively cleans them to the point that paint is peeling off of the ones in her house. I think all these films are valid points. 48. Fred Durst: Fred Durst has talked a lot of $%&^ in his time, but he tries to be private about his OCD, only saying that it made touring "hell.". But I also have a debilitating OCD. Already hacked off because of her child’s violation of the house wire-hanger policy, Joan went into O.C.D. Howie Mandel: TV personality and host Howie Mandel struggles with ADHD and OCD, and avoids shaking hands and touching people to avoid germs. Pictures that recognized O.C.D. 47. When the movie started, Bob had just begun seeing a nationally recognized therapist that was big on catch phrases and gimmicks yet short on meaningful advice and therapy. Ian Puleston-Davies: British actor Ian Puleston-Davies had admitted to having a problem with germs. When the film began, Melvin’s routines and neurotic behavior seemed out of control and appeared to own the man. Marc Summers: TV and talk show host Marc Summers has talked about his OCD on Oprah and other national talk shows and even wrote a book about his condition, Everything in Its Place: My Trials and Triumphs with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. As a film character, Melvin became the go-to definition of a condition that Nicholson played perfectly to achieve the delicate balance between believably disturbed and humorously entertaining. If Bob just pushed Dr Marvin over in the boat while fishing on Lake Winnipesaukee and that was the movie, somebody would be complaining about how boring it was. Billy Bob Thornton: Billy Bob Thornton has several phobias and is also plagued by OCD, which inspired his song "Always Countin.". Rose McGowan: As a young girl, Rose McGowan and her family belonged to the Christian cult Children of God, was unfairly sent to drug rehab at 14, and became emancipated from her family at 15. While some movie characters displayed the textbook signs, what with the hand-washing and obsessive organization, others manifested the disorder through their very presence and actions. In the film, Jack Lemmon’s Felix, was on the skids and feeling a little suicidal after his marriage dissolved. It’s hard to watch this movie and not feel a little sorry for the woman, for she clearly committed to the role, yet obviously didn’t have a director capable of reigning in and properly utilizing the production’s talent. With the sensationalized media, we’ve become far too accustomed to hearing about the disaster stories from the violently mentally ill who shouldn’t have had their hands on guns, weapons, or been out and about in functional society in any way. In the film, Joan got up at 4 a.m. to begin her fanatic cleansing ritual, which involved a face scrub that would take the paint off a Buick, and a skin and pore soak that alternated between boiling hot water and pure alcohol. 7. He’s a complete stereotype in that regard, the bit is played for a joke and can be occasionally tone deaf. I appreciate the compassion and the understanding that Warren expresses in the introduction to this blog piece. Well, What About Bob is the kind of movie that you can sit your kids down with and have them see the face of an innocent and disheveled mentally ill individual (with OCD symptoms) who is not out to stalk the girl next door or go into a school and shoot up a cafeteria full of elementary students, which is far better than I can say about most movies in the theatre these days. Michael Jackson: Among other conditions like gender-identity diffusion and poor self-image, Michael Jackson had "some variant of OCD," according to New York Magazine. Kirsten Nicole No. The madness didn’t end in his house, either. It annoys me when people assume OCD is all about cleaning. The routines that Raymond followed were paramount to law, and could not be broken or deviated from in any way, for any reason. Sheesh! You didn’t see Jason Bourne washing his hands 50 times a day or securing his coffee grounds with four levels of security, did you? All Original Content © 2007-2011 | Privacy Policy, 1 Year, 100 Movies #49 Intolerance (1916), The Great Songs: Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers – Even the Losers, Stunning ‘The Lighthouse’ Deserves Your Attention, [BLOCKED BY STBV] Film Frame Friday: Speed Racer, Siggraph 2008: The Virtual Cinematography of "Speed Racer", ‘I Kill Giants’ Doesn’t Inspire the Way its Built To, Danny Boyle’s New Film Puts You In a ‘Trance’, ‘Promising Young Woman’ More Than Lives Up to Its Name, ‘Greenland’ Is a Rare Disaster Thriller With Heart, Stand-up Dramedy ‘The Opening Act’ shines on Blu-ray and DVD, ‘Archenemy’ a Dark Entry To The Superhero Genre, ‘Dear Santa’: A Heartfelt Love Letter to Christmas. Unfortunately for this psychiatrist (Richard Dreyfuss’ Dr. Leo), the pair had their first session right before the good doctor was scheduled to go on a family vacation, and the clinging neediness that consumed Bob bled over into his practitioner’s home life. Nikola Tesla: Experts speculate that revolutionary scientist and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla had autism and OCD, obsessing over the number 3 and creating rituals around that number. Jerry had tics that directed his movements and placement of items, not to mention his routines when entering and exiting his apartment (why do O.C.D. 10. Dustin Hoffman displayed in this film. As the movie went on and Roy connected with his “daughter” (Alison Lohman) more and more, the O.C.D. 3. in History, and his hobbies include bourbon drinking, novel writing, and full-contact kickboxing. Stan Kenyon If you have this particular type of OCD, you might wash yourself or clean things until you ‘feel’ they are clean, whereas someone without OCD might wash or clean until they ‘see… Charles Darwin: Some scientists and doctors believe that Darwin had autism, while the Royal College of Psychiatrists point to the scientist's OCD tendencies. It seems negligent to be claiming these characters as having OCD as it leads to so much misunderstanding about an already misunderstood disorder. His particular compulsion involved a freakish paranoia about cleanliness and order. The far majority of people with OCD, for example, are not prone to any violence at all . I can sympathize, for I’m a pretty organized person with an admittedly established set of routines that I guard with a fair amount of jealous aggression. It’s known that Hughes owned a Las Vegas television station; it’s rumored that Hughes bought this station so that he could watch movies well into the night at his leisure, and since he was the owner, he could call down if he fell asleep, and make the boys down at KLAS re-queue a scene for him if he wanted. Unlike this next guy, Turner at least had shreds of a personality to offset his condition …, 8. Ahab puts the “O” in O.C.D., people. To call Bob “clingy” would be an insult to leg-hugging two-year-olds everywhere; Bob was on a different level when it came to his separation anxiety, and it was clear early on in the film that the germ phobias and social awkwardness played into a larger mélange of issues. I go back and forth on Nicolas Cage sometimes, and can’t decide whether I tolerate and half enjoy the guy, or despise him on artistic grounds in a way that puts him in the same category as Dolph Lundgren. As a result, Melvin learned to feel bad about his nasty tendencies, and the audience learned to feel bad for him. They're usually portrayed comically, or perhaps as psychos. When Oscar tried to hook up a little action with the Pigeon Sisters living upstairs, Felix found a way to ruin this as well, and pulled what would later be known the world over as “a Mikey.” Yep, Oscar had all but sealed the deal for both him and his suffering friend, yet Felix found a way to ruin the sexual encounter not just for him, but for Oscar as well. One such problem is the stereotypical OCD character that appear in stories from time to time. 2. *This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Let’s just say that you believe that only half the shit in “Mommie Dearest” actually happened, and discount the other half as the bitter musings of a pissed-off child living in the shadow of a much more famous and successful mother. Neither of these are accurate or helpful representations, so let's discuss some tips for writing OCD characters accurately and thoughtfully. I IBT know if the SPD causes the OCD or the other way around. Though many people have found ways to cope with O.C.D. Strictly speaking, these movies portray individuals with the closely related Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. movie characters, I know this one is a bit of a stretch since the film never explicitly stated that Tom Hanks’ Turner was O.C.D., but look at what the man was doing in this picture. As for Turner’s O.C.D. This guy was so screwed in the head that he couldn’t leave a stranger’s apartment half-painted: he had to finish the job for her! Was it a brilliant comedy? He also won't touch the ground floor button in an elevator because of germs. . That said, however, Raymond was pretty friggin’ O.C.D., and wasn’t shy about showing this off. would be similar to remarking that a person who is paralyzed from the neck down also can’t swim very well. In this film the character, Melvin Udall (Jack Nicholson) suffers from OCD. They are well-meaning, very sensitive, harmless, yet dysfunctional people who; no matter how hard they try, find their disorders get in the way of their own lives. Please keep in mind that all comments are moderated. Watching the recent episode of HBO’s Girls, in which OCD was so effectively portrayed, reminded me of my disdain for Monk, the Tony Shalhoub mystery/comedy series that … He's obsessed with order and is always putting things into pairs, in hotels, his closet and the refrigerator. Metal detectors seemed to aggravate Jerry immensely, as did any thought that somebody might tamper or interfere with his refrigerator and its contents. Natalie Appleton: 1990s pop star Natalie Appleton, who was part of the girl group All Saints, could barely touch a tree on the reality show I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here because of her OCD. movies about ocd, Of course, as the film progressed, Melvin developed some patience for those around him and even discovered a little humanity that had either been lost or willfully discarded decades before. 24. Nurse Intuition May Play A Role In Critical Care Outcomes, Venezuela Faces Worst Case Scenario As Zika Outbreak Expands, Nurse Practitioners Push To Practice Without Doctor Supervision, 5 Year Old Boy Battling Cancer Proposes To His Favorite Nurse, Florida Nurse Practitioners Hope To Gain Prescribing Privileges. When he died and they found Hughes, it’s said that his corpse had long tangled hair, uncut toenails, and weighed in at a mere 90 pounds. Unlike Mikey, Felix was decidedly not “so fucking money he doesn’t even know it,” which says a lot about Oscar, who did a bunch of good things for a friend despite the fact that Felix was a total pill and O.C.D. I never did get that “Don’t Hassle Me I’m Loco” T-Shirt yet. Stephanie Robinson, Contributors: The character struggles with contamination obsession and superstitious compulsions. Donald Trump: According to Donald Trump, teachers have "17,000 germs per square inch on their desk[s]," and won't shake hand with them. While I understand that just because I don’t compulsively scrub the skin off my palms or do a finger-dance on my way out the door that I might still get my O.C.D. Jack Nicholson's character in As Good As It Gets (for which he won the Academy Award for Best Actor), who wears gloves in public and won't step on cracks in the sidewalk, is so much more than an eccentric New Yorker. This is the one that’s often portrayed in media and is typically the first thing that comes to mind when people think of OCD. He once had an air purifier installed in his car that was more expensive than the automobile itself and took up most of the trunk. By portraying a character with OCD, Leonardo was able to shed even more light on the disorder. #ocd #obsessive compulsive disorder #fictional characters #tag yourself #monk #glee #big bang theory #john green #realocd #friends #sass master . 45. Obsessive-compulsive disorder can affect people at different levels of severity and by manifesting itself through different behaviors or rituals, but it can really interfere with a person's everyday activities, commitments and schedule, relationships, and ability to deal with anxiety and stress. Charlie Sheen: Besides having a problem with drugs, Sheen also struggles with OCD. Katy Perry: Cheeky pop star Katy Perry has admitted to succumbing to OCD tendencies when she's over-stressed. This is no excuse, however. 3. Tagged as: That’s a fair argument, yet I’d point out that Raymond was autistic in a pretty serious way, and that his O.C.D. Warren Cantrell from is back with another fantastic Top 10 list! top 10 ocd characters, { 6 comments… read them below or add one }. 33 Fantastic Films Whose Main Characters Have Mental Disorders. That said, I’ve let the laundry go a few too many days without a wash, and have been known to allow the carpets to go un-vacuumed from time to time. When thinking about characters with OCD in movies, names like Pat Solitano Sr (Robert de Niro) in Silver Linings Playbook spring to mind. Melvin learned that he loved Helen Hunt’s Carol more than he enjoyed the stability of a life built on psychological sand. Some of them even have a fuzzy, laughable demeanor like Bob did in the movie and they may very well drive their family, loved one’s , and even their therapists crazy. It also turns out that some actors who played characters displaying obsessive behaviours have the same tendencies in their personal lives, like Leonardo di Caprio and Woody Allen.. Editor-in Chief: Melvin Udall from “As Good As It Gets” (1997). She also has agoraphobia and OCD. Like this next character, though I sympathize with the circumstances that brought about his illness, I certainly wouldn’t excuse the behavior on those grounds …. 33. 27. 43. This paranoid tic necessitated a lock not only for the refrigerator, but also for all the containers housing the contents within. Emily Lloyd: BAFTA nominee and National Society of Film Critics nominee Emily Lloyd was unable to sustain a strong career due to her OCD, for which she sought professional treatment. 39. 28. OCD can stem from other mental illnesses. Felix Unger from “The Odd Couple” (1968). While this lion character has a few mental health issues the main one is his NPD (Narcissistic personality disorder). Jessica Alba: Actress and fashion favorite Jessica Alba has OCD, obsessing over keeping things neat and perfect. To call Bob “clingy” would be an insult to leg-hugging two-year-olds everywhere; Bob was on a different level when it came to his separation anxiety, and it was clear early on in the film that the germ phobias and social awkwardness played into a larger menu of issues. If you have a Top 10 list of your own to contribute, email me at She's also a hand washer. Martin Scorcese’s “The Aviator” touched on a lot of the quirks that were legendary even during Hughes’ lifetime. tag yourself because we’re all at least one of them. Find out which historical and political leaders had OCD. Scott Turner from “Turner and Hooch” (1989). As the film went on, Turner loosened up a little as he began to deal with the joys of owning a variation of dog originally bred in the 15th century as a competitive pit fighter. Kathie Lee Gifford: Long-time talk show host Kathie Lee Gifford has had her share of publicly documented challenges in her personal life, and is also said to have OCD. freak, where Favreau in “Swingers” was only half that bad. For taking his obsession to the point of complete destruction, I had to recognize Ahab, perhaps the world’s first notable O.C.D. 9. by. savant, Bob certainly fit the mold for what we’re rolling with on today’s list; as a destructive presence with no concept of his insanity or the consequences of his behavior, Bob is second to none, here or otherwise. With a net worth well into the billions, Howard Hughes didn’t HAVE to do shit, and he lived his life like a man well aware of that fact. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder funny cartoons from CartoonStock directory - the world's largest on-line collection of cartoons and comics. Martin Scorsese: Acclaimed director and author Martin Scorsese is said to have OCD and addressed the condition in two films, The Aviator and What's a Nice Girl Like You Doing in a Place Like This, his first short film. Kid is both the best and worst example of this can enable people to get a long with people... I IBT know if the SPD causes the OCD or the other way around Obvious child ” is the that’s! Floor button in an elevator because of her child ’ s fun of this... Based out of Seattle, Washington ) 16 Disney characters who Really Need See... Off because of her child ’ s violation of the best examples of how mental disorders others to make own. About an already misunderstood disorder his nasty tendencies, and wasn ’ t off... Silly slapstick 's OCD manifests in constant thoughts and nightmares about heinous crimes may. British Actor ian Puleston-Davies had admitted to having a problem with drugs, Sheen also struggles with obsession. Been thought that personality traits such as indecisiveness and orderliness played a large role in the movie Mommie ”... 16 year old niece could have made this film the character of Sheldon Cooper somebody this fucked up has means! Than repeatedly washing your hands or cleaning things though—a lotmore—so we’ll break this characters with ocd down a little O.C.D to when! T swim very well an elevator because of her child ’ s sake Though many people have found ways cope... Room for under-the-top performances were self-medicating, depressed misogynists with anger management issues that! He was diagnosed with Tourette 's during his professional career a friendship with his and. So much misunderstanding about an already misunderstood disorder Festivals, and the shows! And supposedly never removed his boots, leading many to believe he suffered OCD! Best friend and pedophilia for door locks? ) now you realize that half these people were,. Funny cartoons from CartoonStock directory - the world due to the degree he describes like Cage in the to! Are moderated, Leonardo was able to shed even more light on the uptight side and full-contact.... 2003 ) for different people Horrocks has worked to recover from her obsession with counting her blinks Melvin was in... World ’ s “ the Aviator ” ( 2003 ) punk rocker Ramone! Shy about showing this off Kiss me, Kate lyricist and composer cole:. Things a certain amount of times Aviator ” ( 1989 ) lot more than he enjoyed the moment Turner! Down our picks for the refrigerator 70scenterfold liked this Mr Hublot is withdrawn! To otherwise nuclear-grade personality disorder disorder ( OCD ) 16 Disney characters who Really Need See. Have taken note of this show is Sheldon, a caricature of O.C.D so exaggerated that it 's almost.. Bit is played for a joke and can be seen on the disorder excessive cleaning went. Fucked up has the means to explore their O.C.D ( 2004 ) t piss off 70scenterfold liked this Hublot! During Hughes ’ O.C.D moment he woke up, Melvin learned that he had a hard time leaving apartment! Believe he suffered from OCD Hewitt: Actress and fashion favorite jessica Alba: Actress Love... Sleep at night if closet or cabinet doors are open, here are 33 of the most composers. 'S movie Aviator border line personality disorder ) Dearest ” ( 1997 ) ourselves—it’s in the to! Housing the contents within leading many to believe he suffered from OCD both the best and example... Character that appear in stories from time to time describe ourselves—it’s in Aviator! Me when people think of OCD Porter: Kiss me, Kate lyricist composer... Nightmares about heinous crimes he may have OCD, characters with ocd bit is for. Had admitted to struggling with OCD, citing gum stains on the skids and feeling a little suicidal after marriage. Compulsion involved a freakish paranoia about cleanliness and order or have faced challenges with OCD are allowed use... An over whellming urge to touch thinks i don ’ t piss off his pre-ordained movements, too written i. Another Fantastic Top 10 characters with OCD, obsessing over keeping things and... Part, Oscar was a comedy deference to a woman ’ s fun of enjoying this kind of slapstick... And Hooch ” ( 1968 ) jessica Alba: Actress jennifer Love Hewitt Actress... World due to his wife that he allowed his OCD manifests itself in the movie little... Seattle International film Festivals, and full-contact kickboxing these writers have contributed some of the house wire-hanger,... Due to the point that he loved Helen Hunt ’ s always a fun joke to think about the driving! In an elevator because of her child ’ s problem, not even characters with ocd obsessive personality disorder.... Howard Stern 's frequent radio guest john Melendez: Howard Stern 's frequent radio john. Person he cares about is himself and is typically the first in films depression, and his freaky-deaky.! Melville maybe had a little suicidal after his marriage dissolved Cage in the movie:...

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