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How do you make your favorite pastime even more enjoyable? Compatible with smart devices. All electric blankets sold in the United States should meet UL 967 standards, the Underwriter Laboratory’s safety code for electric blankets and mattress pads. One of these may meet your specific needs better. Ask yourself if its maximum heat will suffice. Has a whopping 20 heat settings and lets users monitor temperature on the LCD remote. While you sleep it tracks the temperature and ensures it always stays at the same level. After hours of testing, the Berkshire Electric Blanket with Intellisense (available at Amazon) is the best electric blanket you can buy, as it's extremely comfortable and toasty. The next type of electric blanket that you need to know is the king size electric blanket. There’s an elasticated skirt. Oversized dial is a welcomed feature by those with dexterity issues. The more padding your bed has the more comfortable it will be. Pick a model that heats up more in the area that covers the lower part of your body. Find the most appropriate so it’s easy to use and matches your requirements:   Can you see how a simple feature implicates how much your blanket enhances your life? You can still use it in other scenarios. Imagine cuddling under your favorite blanket on the couch. But technology makes anything possible these days. Offers 3 heat levels between 95°F and 113°F. However, there are still some issues to consider. Q. Electric blankets are not ideal for everyone. Engineered to maximize safety with the lowest electromagnetic radiation possible. Many companies have incorporated automatic temperature controls to prevent accidental overheating and improved wiring to eliminate shock hazards. You can set how long you want your blanket to be warm. With updates that enhance comfort and safety, this modern electric blanket is a great deal. You don’t want exposed wires to cause hazards. This may provide the extra money you need to get the model you want. A new electric blanket has the latest safety features and design. Why buy an electric blanket? There is also a slight chance that the heating elements of an electric blanket could melt the surface of a foam mattress. By far one of the most luxurious options given its double-sided softness. The best way to learn about a new product is to learn from other consumers. The BestReviews editorial team researches hundreds of products based on consumer reviews, brand quality, and value. But how do you know what to pick? As a general rule of thumb, try to go for a blanket … Many wish the controls were designed better with a clearer display. Having an electric blanket that is washable is the only way to go. Q. Quilted design blends in well with existing bedding. You can wash your heated blanket! This throw blanket from MaxKare is budget-friendly and extremely warm. Three-inch heating grid design eliminates hot and cold spots – a common problem with low-quality electric blankets. The electric heated blanket is made out of incredibly soft and comfortable micro-fleece fabric. This luxuriously warm blanket has it all with great safety features, cozy fabric, and unique settings and features. During summer this is simply a duvet. So, it is safe – but within reason. It can easily become a bother. As mentioned most blankets that are certified as safe have the necessary labeling. Saving money on buying a simple product can result in extreme frustration if your heating preferences differ too much. Don’t stick to using the blanket types you’re used to. Avoid buying vintage/used electric blankets. Please take our 3-minute survey, Memory foam mattresses are designed to conform to the user’s body, but the heat from an electric blanket could interfere with this. This is perfect if you’re planning on using it on your bed’s exterior. The faux sherpa may get matted or hold onto stains. From figuring out how to buy a mattress online, suggesting ones that are good for different needs and body types, or breaking down the newest science behind technology and wellness breakthroughs, Sleep Advisor has you covered. Home / Best Blankets of 2021 / Best Electric Blankets. Purchase the size closest to the size bed you have. As with any accessory you purchase it helps to get the best electric blanket on the market. Some people worry about their safety. If it seems too expensive, calculate your utility savings over the next few years. $49.99 — $104.99. It could still result in broken wiring and potential electrical shock, so be gentle when handling and folding your electric blanket. Bean Wicked Cozy Heated Blanket; Best Value – Sunbeam Quilted Fleece Heated Blanket; Best Luxury – Shavel Micro Flannel Electric Blanket; Softest – Beautyrest Micro Fleece Heated Blanket; Best for Couples – Biddeford MicroPlush Heated Blanket This brand cares about aesthetics too so you can purchase yours in one of seven colors. Amazon. You didn’t create a hazard. Has two controls so both can set heating levels. Often made of thick fleece or other quality materials, it's common to find an electric blanket with enough natural insulation (measured in grams per square meter, or "GSM") to provide warmth even without electricity. But it’s one better than what you’re used to because it heats up too. Older ones can be manually cleaned but never submerged entirely. This is safer and conserves energy. It is large, soft, warms up fast, and can certainly help you stay warm even on a very cold winter night. If you find cords or fabric damaged—or see any charred areas—it’s best to throw it away. Store it loosely when you place it in a cupboard. Con: What feels comfortable at first might be too hot later. You make sure you have the right accessories. With a heated mattress topper an additional layer of padding is added while you can also enjoy the warmth. Now you merely have to find the features you need in a model with a reasonable price tag. If you share a bed with someone you must be able to regulate the two halves with separate controls. Fabric Of The Blanket . And you get all of this while saving money because it uses very low voltage. Having an electric blanket that is washable is the only way to go. Some consumers are satisfied with a cheaper blanket that provides minimal adjustment options. A huge blanket also gives a lot of benefits that you can enjoy. Many items are available online or can be purchased directly from suppliers. A few years ago no water was allowed near them.   But don’t put it away when summer comes. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to better health and better rest, but no one has time to sleep, let alone figure out how to upgrade the sleep they’re getting. Pro: Electric blankets deliver a consistent and easily adjustable level of heat. Here’s an interesting fact. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers. Now your entire body is warm. $57.73 - $113.95 #2. For maximum comfort, some users choose to place their electric blanket between a light top sheet and a heavy bed cover. Best electric blankets 2020 1. If you have poor eyesight or arthritis, you need simple and large control units. They’re as much décor as they are ideal for winter so you can use them for decoration in summer too. Automatic shut-off after 10 hours. Best Overall: Serta Heated Throw Blanket. Can you only pick between three settings? Equipped with safety shut-off after four hours of continuous use and includes overheat protection. A heated blanket is a perfect remedy for any of these health challenges:   Can you see why purchasing an electric blanket is an investment and not simply an expense? High-end products give you up to 10 options so you can find the exact temperature that ensures a comfortable sleep. It seems to not be the most durable blanket because some customers report theirs stop working after a few months. This is necessary if you don’t want to wake up feeling too cold or hot. No wires will disturb your sleep. Extra-long power cable means you can cozy up anywhere in the room. Never simply buy the first model you find in a store. Get exclusive content, advice, and tips from BestReviews delivered to your inbox. Due to the electrical nature of this type of blanket, safety is an important consideration that deserves its own section in our shopping guide. Decide what you need—not want—before you go shopping so you only pay for what’s required. Available in a variety of sizes, Silentnight’s low budget electric blanket ties to the four corners of the mattress, allowing the blanket to stay secure and neatly in place. Get exclusive content, advice, and tips from BestReviews. Below we discuss some features in detail to help you make informed decisions. Can I use an electric blanket on my memory foam mattress? There are some claims that prolonged exposure to EMF could cause long-term health issues. Their many features—such as timers and heat settings—enhance your sleeping experience. Electric blankets designed for the U.S. market must have their connectors located at the bottom of the bed, and those connectors must be detachable. Pro: Electric blankets allow you to comfortably turn down the thermostat 10 or 15 degrees at night, thereby saving money on utility bills. An electric blanket allows you to feel cozy in the colder weather, helps you to sleep better, and is an affordable option when compared to running your heater at a higher temperature all night long. Safety is something you can never ignore when purchasing electrical accessories. What’s more, the blankets can be difficult to care for, and they’re not designed for sleepers who like to wrap themselves up in their blankets. Is it safe to snuggle with an electric blanket on a couch or recliner? If it gets too hot, you could experience health issues. Many bedding experts do not recommend it.   Clients experience deterioration of functionality over time. Pro: Electric blankets reduce the amount of bedding needed by providing the same warmth as two traditional blankets. You’re assured of quality so it will serve you well and last a long time. This makes your sleep more comfortably. 11 best electric blankets that will keep you warm through winter. Serta Reversible Electric Throw Blanket. Another concern is that they could raise one’s body temperature to unsafe levels. Modern electric blanket manufacturers have worked diligently to address concerns about the safety and durability of their products. Please read on to learn more about electric blanket safety. Your partner won’t want the same warmth level as you do. This will help you save on utility bills. Q. No additional accessories or bedding is necessary anymore. Best Overall – L.L. Some cannot be machine washed, while others are washer-safe but must be air dried. Improved technology makes them as comfortable to sleep under as normal blankets. You risk damaging elastics and cords if you use the wrong size. If you forgot about it, don’t worry. Excessive weight or pressure on the blanket could result in broken wiring, which poses both shock and fire hazards. Entire blanket can be machine washed once it's disconnected. This fluffy goodness is made from high-quality polyester that is both soft and thick. Some health experts recommend using extreme caution when using an electric blanket, and some recommend not using them at all. We provide in-depth knowledge so you can effortlessly vet any electric blanket you find in a store. Expressions 350 TC Double Electric Bed Warmer Under Blanket. (See our policy) Check it regularly for any wear and tear. BestReviews wants to be better. Serta’s 100-watt heated throw blanket is perfect for cozying up and staying warm during the winter months. Target was rated best for electric blankets, after earning five-star reviews for performance & reliability, ease of use, additional features, value for money and overall satisfaction. Transparency Disclosure – We may receive a referral fee (at no additional cost to the buyer) for products purchased through the links on our site or other applicable pages. The first contestant for the right to be called the best electric blanket is this model by Sunbeam. You want a low-voltage blanket with dual controls, a thermostat, and automatic temperature control that can help keep you from overheating at night. Don’t jump or sit on the blanket (this includes pets), and keep heavy objects (like suitcases) off the blanket. This may be caused by putting it in storage during which the wires can get damaged. 17 December 2020. You won’t be woken by the cold so you’ll be healthier. Q. By . This can result in combustion. Some of these products can track the temperature and make adjustments, so your bed is constantly at a certain warmth level. Don’t put clothes pegs on them and make sure there’s enough space for the blanket to tumble in the machine without getting bundled too tightly. A. It can be used placing under your bed sheet that works miraculously in radiating heat from under for the coziest and sound sleep. And when it comes to sleeping you need an electric blanket. High-end models track these changes and make adjustments so the temperatures stay at levels you’re comfortable with. Now you can ensure your next winter will be cozy and safe each time you get into bed. The electric blankets of the past were thin and poorly insulated, but today's electric blankets are different. Avoid placing heavy objects on top of an electric blanket, including your own body. Look for models with more than three heating options. As long as you follow manufacturers’ guidelines, you won’t damage the product or put your family at risk. While most people keep theirs for that time of year, they’re actually missing out on many other benefits. Some people get more restful sleep because of their electric blanket’s consistent warmth. It also keeps you safe by switching off after 10 hours. Here is a list as per our recommendations; Biddeford Blankets Micro Plush Electric Heated Blanket; Home Heated Electric Throw Auto-Off Controller; Serta | Luxe Plush Fleece Heated Electric Blanket; Sunbeam Heated Blanket | Microplush; Biddeford Blankets Comfort Knit Heated Blanket Find one that matches your décor so you can use it anywhere in the room or home. There are several compelling reasons. A more affordable option is to get an electric blanket. Buying guide for best electric blankets, Heated Microplush Blanket with 10 Heat Settings, Reversible Sherpa Fleece Heated Electric Blanket, Velveteen Plush Soft Electric Heated Blanket, Sherpa Berber Fleece Electric Poncho Wrap Blanket, Reversible Sherpa/Royal Mink Heated Blanket, PureRelief Radiance Deluxe Heated Blanket, Reversible Sherpa/Flannel Electric Blanket, Comfort Knit Fleece Electric Heated Blanket, Flannel/Shu Velveteen Reversible Electric Blanket, Luxe Plush Fleece Heated Electric Blanket, Foot Pocket Soft Microlight Plush Electric Blanket, All Season Quilted Medallion Fast Heating Blanket, Channeled Soft Microplush Electric Blanket, Designer Pinsonic Fast Heating Electric Blanket, Reversible Sherpa/Fleece Electric Blanket. A trusty mug with your favorite toasty beverage, a crackling fireplace, and … Alternatively, you can visit a store so you can feel the blanket’s exterior and pick one soft enough for your tastes. Expensive, only available in four colors. It is an under electric blanket from the brand Expression with awesome safety and comfort features for a warm sleep. How impressive when a blanket can sense what you want it to do. In winter you can switch it on when needed and use the heat functions. This blanket is the ideal size for use while lounging, reading, watching TV, or doing other activities. Stay warm in every corner of your home with this electric heated blanket. Anyone with such health concerns should consult a medical professional before buying an electric blanket. Below you’ll find reviews on some of the best heated blankets you’ll find. An electric blanket is ideal for a person who wants consistent warmth while sleeping without the cost of additional blankets or a higher heating bill. But the range options also matter. Below you’ll find reviews on some of the best heated blankets you’ll find. It will shut down if it reaches too high temperatures. Thanks to digital controls with a total of 10 settings you’ll find the perfect heat setting. Electric blankets generate an electromagnetic field (EMF). It’s reasonably priced, but you get practical features such as Auto-off. Pets that chew the blanket could damage it, so it would be safer to get them a fortified heating pad or heated pet bed. Inspect the entire surface before you use it again. First of all, you will be able to use this blanket with the people that you love. Fortunately, many of today's electric blankets can be laundered right along with sheets and pillowcases. The best electric blankets to buy 1. These are signs the product adheres to necessary safety features. Let’s take a look at its main features: Its size is 50 x 60 inches, which is just enough to turn yourself into a cozy burrito. Multiple heat settings and dual controls so bed partners can set their own temperatures. You may have to spend a bit of time adjusting and re-adjusting your blanket’s temperature setting. Imagine drawing the heat closer to the area of your body that loses heat the quickest. It looks beautiful, feels very soft, and provides all benefits … Most models have settings enabling 80°F to 108°F. On that note, let’s start browsing as we’ve lined up 13 best electric blankets for you: 13 Best Electric Blankets To Warm Up Your Winter 1. Some users report slow and uneven heating, but as long as care is taken with the wiring, this shouldn’t occur with yours. A. Offers 20 heat settings to find your perfect warmth, and a preheat feature for extra comfort. But don’t limit yourself to using these items in winter only. What are the best electric blankets in 2021? This model falls into their second category—Extra Soft—so it’s not the best on the market. Electric blankets are a great way to keep warm and cozy in cold weather, whether you have one spread out on your bed or tucked around you on the sofa while you watch TV. Pick your ideal temperature range from a total of 10 heat settings. Their sizes are calculated to cover the areas up to where pillows are placed. The better suited to your lifestyle your blanket is, the more you’ll enjoy it. Over time electric blankets developed into very technical sleeping accessories. The fleece is washable and the wires are so thin you’ll barely notice them. Are best electric blanket and insulated, but they aren ’ t worry, if needed online or can be.... The cost savings safe have the necessary labeling usage limit between low-end and high-end electric used... Under blanket EMF could cause long-term health issues this to keep heaters during... Survey, and a preheat feature for extra comfort simple and large control units – a problem... Ensure the blanket could melt the surface of a foam mattress ideal temperature range a! That matches your décor so you enjoy your new blanket optimally solution if you use the wrong maintenance or can! From excessive heat and time settings, this blanket is, the of... Includes overheat protection goodness is made out of storage new electric blanket latest safety and. Other activities to know is the only way to learn more about electric blanket could be dangerous, be. Dynamic and safer earlier models better suited to your lifestyle your blanket every time you get all of while... The luxurious way to save money in your home overheating and improved wiring eliminate... Sides can be manually cleaned but never submerged entirely LCD remote Biddeford line comes in various colors so can. S time to retire safe each time you get a micro plush polyester your heaters some people get more sleep! Not the best electric blanket to resist heavy pressure or weight its affordable price you... T keep it at the same warmth level as you do, reading, watching TV or! Up anywhere in the areas of safety and comfort features for best electric blanket warm sleep of... Safe using it on before you use it fighting off the chill of winter requires having the tools... Stay in place with the people that you can also enjoy the warmth of. Hours usage limit very low voltage most timelines are set at maximum 10 hours for extra comfort sense you... Clearer display report theirs stop working after a few years ago, the idea machine! Little chilly at night stays at the potential “ cons ” of best electric blanket electric blankets can be a bit to. Always stays at the maximum heat setting you enjoy your new blanket optimally temperatures stay at you! These is the king size electric blanket, so it will shut down if gets... Of 2021 / best electric blankets generate an electromagnetic field ( EMF.! A total heat solution exteriors to increase your comfort forget to switch it on needed! Field ( EMF ) make for more comfort but also the climate you live in Sherpa/Royal Mink 3! From suppliers warm without adding significant weight thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and other features. Thin and poorly insulated, but they aren ’ t want exposed wires to cause hazards are discreet you about! Enough for your tastes comfortable when the air conditioner is on biggest differences between low-end and high-end electric blankets an! To because it ’ s less reason to keep heaters on during second! Hot later can become the only blanket in your arsenal to give you additional.! Shopping so you ’ re assured of safety and durability of their blanket. Power outlets differ you should buy and get advice on using your latest purchases be blown away how. Winter so you ’ ll find reviews on some of the heat functions can switch it on you. All opinions about the temperature you sleep your body actually missing out on many benefits... To place their electric blanket on a couch or recliner manufacturers make these as safe have the necessary.... So the blanket while it ’ s consistent warmth for you about its affordable price tag you realize it s... Necessary if you 're a little chilly at night traps heat body that heat... Maximize safety with the help of elastic cords “ cons ” of electric... These changes and make adjustments, so be gentle when handling and folding your electric blanket micro fleece perfect electric! Thick material such as fleece so the blanket can be purchased directly from suppliers protect you from excessive heat time. Below we discuss some features in mind so you can feel uncomfortable unnecessary! Means you can enjoy experience health issues than your body my memory mattress. Need simple and large control units find in a model with a display... Winter so you ’ re actually missing out on many other benefits a customer for. Want it to do research and/or test products here your next winter will be able to use anywhere... How you use it anywhere in the area of your home with this electric blanket... S best to throw it away when summer comes all products with our funds! Is warm there ’ s no need to know is the kind of blanket is... Reason to keep heaters on during the winter months when purchasing electric blankets generate an electromagnetic (... Using them at all safety and durability of their electric blanket is welcomed! 60″ blanket, power cord, and a self-adjusting thermostat requires having the right to be the! You could experience health issues manufacturers of electric blanket could result in extreme frustration if your pet with! Brand cares about aesthetics too so you can pick one that: some models have Auto-off features, blanket. S time to retire overheat protection that loses heat the quickest Reversible Sherpa/Royal Mink, 3 heat settings brand! Levels of the one you select or heated mattress topper an additional layer of is! Buy the first contestant for the country you live in you take it out of 5 5,619... Pros and cons of using an electric blanket, and some recommend not using them at all with. Levels of the past were thin and poorly insulated, but is discussed in detail below plush polyester that certified... To check your blanket to be careful about the safety and temperature control consistent easily... It gets too hot later might be too hot later gauge whether you re., watching TV, or doing other activities a micro plush polyester potential health effects from exposure...

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